Sunday, December 13, 2009

Can't shake the mags.

It's a nasty habit no one really thinks about. You have a hobby, a
sport you follow, an interest in something. Or maybe you have a full
blown hard core facination with anything and everything cycling
related. And there's a magazine
for everthing out there.

After some serious attempts to make room, I've realized the old
magazines need to go. But then, with everything available online, why
even buy a magazine in the first place? With that, I've quit buying
magazines. Well, for the last two months. Until today. ROAD has
awesome photography on ridiculously priced bikes, places I'll never go
to, and pros I'll probably never see in real life. So I broke down,
this month. Think my problem would be solved if thier online presence
was even half of the print version.

1 comment:

Jenni said...

I sat here looking at the pile of Bicycling magazines I have stacked up on the table yesterday- the pile I just keep moving from place to place- and I asked myself why on earth I'm keeping them. Something in me says I might want to reference them or reread them. It's this weird desire to hold onto them (even worse than Bicycling mag is Martha Stewart, who knows when I'll need to remember how to made a pumpkin tower).
I too decided yesterday no more magazine subscriptions and that this pile would have to go...