Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Foster dogs and dogs and dogs

The house is filled with dogs,
or puppies to be exact.
And there's another one for today.
As much time as puppies take,
at least they all get along.....

So, last night was kind of a last minute event.
We, the family unit, plus three puppies,
were invited to attend/assist a presentation for Out of the Pits
at the Hudson Valley Community College.
For a new Animal Law class for the Justice/Law degree program.

who doesn't love puppies.
The better part is the understanding people may gain about
breeders, dog fighting, and all the other nasty stuff people
really don't want to aknowledge exists.
Plus, we may have gained a few more foster people,
which is always needed.

It also helped me realise that a little more patience,
has a greater payout.
One or two dogs is easily tolerable.
But when you're at four or five,
and they're puppies,
and it's during the Holidays which are already stressful.
Well, it adds up.
This was a nice little validation of why you volunteer,
why you give without being asked.

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