Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the way it is

I commute daily.
Six miles each way.
Early in the morning,
late at night.

There's always so much talk in the driver vs. cyclist,
the 'rules of the road',
nothing worse than a cyclist citing 'rules of the road'
to an everyday commuter.

There's a point where it's simply about survival.
BECAUSE the driver's are SOOOOOOOO bad.

And this is why I pull up along side of you at a red light.

Yes, it's annoying for that guy three cars back to overtake me AGAIN.
But I'm gonna use you as a barrier,
against other bad drivers.

Could you imagine what I would look like if the car hit me
instead of this car? The driver was totally fine.
The car? Obviously not.

I'll follow 'your' rules AFTER you follow them,
til' then, it's just survival.

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Good post...I hear you...