Friday, December 18, 2009

Pokey the puppy

I am not that good.
It's not me that pushes to rescue
or foster dogs, it's the better half.
Suppose I could take some credit
with all the 'stuff' I clean up, and
the craziness they bring to the

But ultimately it's not my idea.
Four puppies right before the
Holidays? Not my idea. But we
survived. And they are all getting
homes this week. One yesterday,
one today, and one Saturday. Oh!
The last one? I MAY keep him.
Maybe change his name from Pokey
to Opie.

Sometimes you can't look for the
ending, it makes the effort required
seem to great. Sometimes you just
maintain a steady cadence, and
enjoy the ride. Because it's about
the ride, not the destination.

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