Tuesday, December 15, 2009

consistant what?

lately I've just packed all my clothes in the bag.
rain jacket & pants,
winter booties,
three gloves: spring, liners, and lobster mitts,
thermal cap,
thermal top and bottom,
and of course extra socks,
and may as well put on the fender(s).

The first wintery ride,
it was cold when I rolled out.
So I only had the man-pri knickers with thin thermals.
I packed the jacket - well, in case.
As work wrapped up, I noticed the bitter 30 degrees,
was now still 30, but also windy AND snowing.
Still a kid at heart - it was the first snow ride!
Didn't matter what I did or didn't have for gear -
I was gonna ride!

I made about a mile before the realization hit,
it may be snowing, but the ground was still 'warm',
so it's WET out.
NO: booties, or shell pants, or fenders, or winter gloves,
was a bitter, soggy ride home.
And I still had an evening ride planned,
with soaked shoes,
so I resorted to the gallon freezer bags between
new socks and soaked frozen shoes.

The local pond I pass is now frozen.
BUT today it will hit 40.
Then tomorrow night it'll be in the teens,
and 20's in the day for the rest of the week.
Thinking I'll finally mount up the studded tires.

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erik k said...

the frozen shot is nice