Friday, February 26, 2010

in the works...

it all comes rolling in.
But I've always learned to not count ahead,
and I'll go more into detail as things become official,
but the last two weeks have seen alot:
- my first three paintings were accepted into the next gallery show
- the fourth painting has been selected for an upcoming book cover
- 400 posts here
- number 10 post for the Times Union should have my first interview
- eagerly awaiting my first press/photo pass to a large race
- April will see two art shows on the same night
- the possibility of being part of a regional bike conference
- I'm hosting the now 2nd Annual Bike Night movie, hopefully.
- starting the process of self branding, or becoming my own business

not to mention the birthdays and family events
that will fill in the rest of the two months.

Getting booked up!

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