Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cold Soup part 4

people are just assholes.
not all,
but quite a few.

I don't advocate violence,
I usually go out of my way to avoid a confrontation.
but sometimes a quick ass kicking is a stronger lesson
than words falling on deaf ears.

we took in three puppies the other week.
puppies barely, maybe four weeks old.
abandoned in an apartment by the previous tenants.
left to die, until someone called animal control.
the officer that responded adpted two of the litter.

they had a severe case of worms,
distended bellys,
and they used rubberbands to 'doc' their tails.
just clamped them on until the tail fell off.

at that point I just wanted the address,
let the news know.
I'm sure the landlord knows their names.
well, actually he does,
someone from the rescue went over,
the landlord got two dogs from them.
He's not going to help prosecute anyone.

And breeders?
Yeah, I 'got' Bella from a breeder.
Sure, they breed the crap out of them.
and when they are done? discard them.
Someone must have made $50,000 off of Bella in five years,
then dropped her off at the humane society to have her euthanised,
until someone saw what a good dog she was and rescued her.
now she has a real home, and can't stand male dogs,
wonder why?

people are assholes.

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The Chauffeur said...

people ARE assholes...except you. well done.