Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cold Soup part 3

This is not cold soup,
actually it was hot,
and didn't come from a can.
Surprisingly I didn't order a pile of garbage when I went out.

And this isn't soup either,
I never write about the missus,
she likes to be all mysterious and private,
even though I reassure her only three people ever read this blog.

this made up for about four straight days of cold soup.
cooked in red enchilada sauce,
over yellow rice.
THAT, is the recipe for awesome,
if you can't find it one day.

Cold Soup has been the epitome of my life lately.

Never time for a break.
When you finally get a chance,
you run in back, dump a can of soup into your crusty bowl,
and while it's cooking, you get pulled away into some ridiculous
problem that 'only you' can solve.

Only to return back to the microwave an hour later,
to cold soup.

Every day.
(except when I had scallops and rice, then I hid for fifteen minutes).

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