Saturday, February 20, 2010

blinded me!

not with science though.
This is not a product review.
A while ago the LBS hooked me up with the Blackburn Flea combo set. I
was initially impressed, but wear and weather made short work of it.
So I looked at the riders around me. Everyone had Planet Bike, and
they seemed to be a decent company AND product. Well, the drivers have
gotten crappier with the incoming students, and I find myself taking
less traveled streets more often. So time to add to the collection.
Stopped in to grab a $14 Planet Bike, and walked out with a $29
Princeton Tec Swerve. Hmmmmm, it's freakin' bright for sure. But worth
two PB blinkies? Not sure yet.

1 comment:

Jason Crane said...

I love my Planet Bike SuperFlash blinkies. Indestructible and bright as hell.