Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cold Soup part 5

each day just rolls into the next

hello frozen pond,
Yes, I'm taking the less traveled path
since I don't feel like fighting with bad drivers.

maybe I just don't feel lucky
maybe I misplaced my fearlessness
so on past the quiet frozen pond,
only to lazily coast past it again tomorrow,
and the next day.

if Wednesday is the 'hump' day,
then Febuary must be the 'hump' month.
the colorful fall is long gone,
strange, I eagerly look forward to the wet spring,
since it'll bring the rich green scenery.

a day off provides a full list of 'should haves'
and 'could haves',
but sadly gets worked down to a couple of
'I guess I can's.
the sorry bike that I treasure
is coated in salt and it's sidekick,

I did go to the grocery store,
did two loads of laundry,
did the dishes,
and cleaned the kitchen floor (BEFORE cleaning the bike),
so I guess I'm ok for today being only semi productive.

and yesterday the little man helped rotate the other sets of wheels,
we swapped tubes,
realised we needed new tubes,
made a trip to the LBS,
saw Scrappy, the shop dog,
also got some advice on chain cleaners,
and input for the movie night for bike month.
Yes, you read that right,
I'm gonna bury myself again in some project,
to build on the local scene. Why? I don't know.

that's not including the side project of organizing roller racing,
(and all the other projects for Bke Month).

and it looks like I'll be doing another load of towels,

thank you guys,
it worked.
poor neglected bike is now not so sad.
now if I could wipe Febuary like a rusty chain.


Mitch said...

How on earth can I help bring roller racing to Albany?!

libertyonbikes! said...

Keep checking in. It will happen. Have rollers, have venue, just working on the program and then it's on! Gonna guess at least by May, if not sooner.