Tuesday, March 24, 2009

lights and tunnels

a good thing no one asked how the weekend went.
Friday was the day of suck.
Everyone already hates the banking situation,
AND the auto industry.
It's a good thing they fly by private jet,
if I ever end up sitting next to one of the punks in a suit.
I will end up working out a plea bargin with the local DA.

Take Friday off.
And right before the family truckster goes in for the
inspection, the check engine light comes on.
Now this thing only has 63,000 miles.
So, off it goes to the mechanic.
Every visit seems to add up to $500 plus,
but it's not a Porsche or a BMW.
So it turns out Ford issued a tech bulletin,
meaning they know there's a problem.
Yeah, but it's still gonna cost me $500 to fix it.
Because they couldn't build it right the first time.
You can take that fake American auto pride & shove it.
Makes me sick that I own it.

So this leaves me with my Gunnar.
It's American made, but I'm just proud it doesn't let me down.
So, I grab the Gunnar and head out to pick up the van.
On Friday, in rush hour, on the main street,
and a half hour to do it.
FACT: bike beats bus.
I actually thought about loading the bike,
especially with such a headwind.
But I beat that bus,
As for rush hour drivers?
Trying to merge through me to get on the highway?
At somepoint, someone WILL get pulled from their car.

Get to the mechanics.
Pay the $80 to verify that I did indeed buy a POS.
Thanks UAW, Quality is job one! I know!

Now it's a hurry back home.
Oh, because we have an appointment with the vet @ 5:30.
Because Beau, the little white dog, is being put to sleep.
Awesome day.
Beau was a rescue dog. He spent a good five or six years with us.
A little Bichon, that toughed it out with kids & dogs,
and cats that could beat him up.
He was now at least fifteen years old (or older).
His original owner had died of cancer,
and her husband wanted nothing to do with him (Beau).
He was going to just drop him off to be put to sleep.
So we took him.
I really need a license to hunt assholes.
But first I need more time.

On a lighter note,
Abby, the mange covered baby Pitbull,
is recovering and adjusting well.
She looks like a Chiwawa on steroids.
And after today, no more fires.
Word is the East Coast will warm up, finally.
I think there IS a light at the end of my tunnel.

And that sums up the weekend.
I know you really wanted to know....
Now back to the bike stuff.

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