Tuesday, March 31, 2009

why go to critical mass?

ok, I know I'm about a week late with this...
BUT! it's been one of THOSE weekends,
and yes, I'll go into it later.
But first...

now, I always wonder if it's worth taking work off
(because I never get out early enough), to go to
Critical Mass.
Sometimes a handfull show up,
Sometimes it's a halfass route,
and sometimes you feel like one of those Shriners,
in a parade, in a little car,
driving in circles while wearing a pez.

But what's this?
The orange droptube bike to the left?

And a so very tasty one at that!
Color matched rims.
It's Laceys'. And I'm sure you can find some pics of it online.
And, another ANT?
Well, that would be Randys'.

Just bizarre.
While poking around the Handmade Show links looking for builders
in the East, both these bikes have been featured. I had no idea.
Until I got to Critical Mass.
So there's a reason right there,
You never know who will show up,
and what they'll be riding.

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