Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 6th was good

I have bad luck, usually.
And I accept the increase chances when commuting by bike.
The two make me nervous, sometimes.
It's Friday. It's finally warm (50ish).
I normally commute late at night on Fridays, so my only
'run-ins' are with drunk college kids, and by now I've
worked my route down to a science depending on the odds
with time, events, and weather.
This Friday was different.

I was supposed to leave before rush hour.
I have a show this night, and had to stop at the house
for the appetizers & camera.
And it's my birthday. So I felt the odds, if on any day,
were against me on Friday.

The boss kept me around longer, why? Who knows.
So the commute started in the dark, in full rush
hour, and I'm LATE. Gallery is already open as I'm
clipping in. This leaves me taking the quick way
home. Putting me in the position to seriously
jockey my way through traffic. At one point
having to jockey a lane due to someone riding my
back tire and not giving me room. That nonsense
escalates with horns and edging each other across
the line with me finally swooping inand taking the
whole lane. Are you kidding me? Denny's doesn't give
free meals for your birthday, can't you just give me
a 'don't kill me on the way home' today?

"sorry kids, I HAD to kill your dad. I was in a hurry
to get to the red light."

That was my excitement for the day.
A mile and a half of lane fighting.
Sorry, there was no wreck. No one got pulled from
their car and beaten (close though).

Home. Load a gallon of homemade salsa and four bags of
chips. Stop twice to readjust load. Twenty seconds spent
considering the benefit of an xtracycle. But flicking my
bike through the downtown crowd and that thought is quickly

Four way stop. Prius on my left. Another Prius to the far
left. Who's going? No, you go. No, you, I insist. They
start flashing thier lights at each other. Fucking christ.
Take two passive do-gooders, and a stop sign and the whole
world comes to a stop. Now this is playing out as I'm at
the top of the hill. Normally no one is at this stop and
I blow through it to keep speed to get up the hill after
it. So that's my fustration that for the entire time I'm
barreling down this hill, they can't decide who's yeilding
to who. They must be blowing kisses to each other via
headlights. Maybe it's some Prius owner thing I'm not
privy to. I stop, look at them both, and pedal through,
just then the Prius to the far left starts through. Are you
kidding me you dumbass? You can wait for me. My bike is
'greener' than your Prius.

And we're at the gallery. Full house. It was like Frogger
trying to navigate that place. I just people surfed my
way around. Really good work, and a really good turnout.
I headed back out for the uneventful ride back home.
Felt soooo good to ride without thermals and all the
winter gear. With that said, Friday was a good day.

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