Thursday, March 19, 2009

puppies and pet peeves

well let's just get the peeves out of the way.

- Bluetooths. you just look like an idiot. walking around
with something stuck to your ear. you're not talking.
just waiting. waiting for someone to need you that bad.
until then you're just a tool walking around with some
thing stuck to your ear.

- Sunglasses inside. They're called SUNglasses for a reason.
You're not famous. And I don't see any photographers waiting
for you. Take them off you idiot.

- Hummers and other obnoxiously large vehicles. Do you live in
a cabin with a dirt road? Has it ever been off road? Could you
get by with an economical sedan? Actually, maybe they do need
to exist, just like crappy label manufactured 'POP' music.
and crappy music. Just don't whine when people make fun of you.

The other stuff:
People: One, think things out. Two, own up to your shit.

Through Out of the Pits, we're fostering Abby,
a fourteen week old pitbull.
Found wandering the street covered in mange.
Someone just didn't want to deal with her,
so out she went. She's great with the kids AND
the cats. Crappy owners raise crappy dogs that
give the breed a bad reputation. I would easily
take a dog like Abby than a small nervous dog that 'nips'
at anyone & everything. That's another story.

People who spend obnoxious amounts of money, on a dog (or cat).
Yeah, I don't care that you went to a breeder instead of the
petstore. Bella, the white Bulldog. She was a breeder dog.
She sat in a yard.
Only to be breed and have litters of pups.
Pups were then sold.
Breed again.
Sell the pups.
For five years.
Then she ended up in a shelter, to be put down if not adopted.
She was rescued, put in a van that came from the south (GA.).
And now has a good home thanks to Peppertree Rescue.

But the fact that some ass, I mean breeder, made 40-50 thousand
selling her pups, then drops her at a shelter kills me.

You paid for your dog? What do you contribute too?
Who's walking around cleaning up after you?

And now there's a rash of dogs needing homes.
Due to what? The economy! I guess it plays out like:

"Sorry Timmy, we have to get rid of the dog, even though
we've had him for seven (SEVEN!) years. He'll be ok,
and you'll get over it. We just can't afford the ten
dollars a week to feed him."

Yeah, I know the economy AND life are hard right now,
but really? Dumping your dog of seven years?
I bet you kept the Hummer though.

Alot of times I feel like being the Karma Police and delivering
a little Nancy Kerrigan beating some of you. So, by chance, some
guy on a bike delivers a beatdown to you. Just take it. That was
your karma coming back.

Well, enough of that.
Just give a little thought of where you put your money.
A little thought of what you can do. This goes for cycling too.
And basically everything in life. The neighborhood you live in.
Your art community. I'm kind of tired of the 'ME' generation and
it's ways & lack of principles. It's 'WE'.
Not even 'US' and 'THEM'.

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