Thursday, April 23, 2009

building your scene...

I suck.
I suck at posting, at managing multiple projects, and from
not taking on too many obligations.
But I offer in my defense why there has been nothing,
nothing at all for almost a week.

1. I work full time. But my boss has this fun game of maybe
I work nine hours, or maybe it's twelve, or ten. I still
get paid for eight regardless. I love the 'just be lucky
you have a job in this economy' attitude.

2. Three kids. One not in school yet. That should be enough
right there....

3. A dog, two cats (which never take any time, I'm just trying
to make this a big list). But add two foster puppies that
are like Thing 1 and Thing 2.

4. An old house that always has twenty things to work on.

5. A personal goal to submit to every show this year (photos).
Which leaves two weeks inbetween shows to focus, and again
time management is an issue of mine.

6. Bikes....

7. Incorporating the local bike coalition. Which is done now.
But there's bylaws, officers, bank account, 501c3's, and a
bunch of stuff that all falls in behind. I just got our
stickers in! One more thing done.

8. Working the system. I never realized how hidden the local
government is. It's a maze of favors, connections, and barriers
put up to keep the average citizen from accomplishing ANYTHING!
For the last year I've also been working on trying to close the
main park from car traffic on at least one Saturday a month.
I formed the proposal, met with the neighborhood association,
and now I'm trying to get a meeting with the Mayor. It's like
walking downtown blind. Bumping into people and getting bounced
around, with no direction. The goal was to have this done in time
for Bike Month (one week away).

9. Somewhere along the line I figured "I don't have enough to do"
"let's host a bike movie, in a real theatre, that's easy!".
But in exactly three weeks I'll be doing just that.
Thanks to the guys at VEER!
Five hundred to rent the theatre.
Enough local sponsors that believe in supporting such an event.
(and to help offset the cost of the theatre).
The great guys, Jeff & Brad at UrbanVelo,
for providing the biggest box of product ever!
And countless hours of calling, emailing, and stopping
in on people to get the support.
Maybe twenty people show up, maybe we sell out all 130 seats!
I'll find out in exactly three weeks and nine hours.

So, that's what I've been up to. Not alot.
But it really makes me think when people comment that there's
not much going on with their cycling scene. Or, that somebody should
do 'this', or somebody should do 'that'.

Well, that 'somebody' is YOU.
There's plenty of idea-people out there,
just not enough doers.

And a big part of the reason I do what I do is this:

the obscene fact that I live fourteen houses away from the
elementary school, yet my kids can't ride their bikes to school.
-when you put someone behind the wheel, they become a narcissistic ass.
-it's ok to speed down someone else's street, just not yours.
-there's no bike racks at school. really? so with this 'obese kids'
problem, you're not encouraging them to walk or ride bikes to school.
or giving them a safe place to do so.
-cyclists are treated as second class citizens, especially in auto/bike
accidents, which I strongly disagree are 'accidents'
when it's negligence.
-if someone hits my kid, they will still be driving.
there's no REAL punishment.

Now go contribute to your own scene.

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kale said...

I would, but I'm stuck at my job...

It's good that you point out that many of us get complacent with joining a movement rather than starting something ourselves. It's a hell of a lot harder, and takes much more work, which is the one thing I need less of. But the good 'ol Protestant work ethic is always there.

It just sucks to know that there's probably more people that are working just as hard to get cars more resources at our expense. But it wouldn't be a struggle then - and what's the point of doing the easy thing?