Tuesday, April 28, 2009

low man on the totem pole

That's what I said as I got buzzed
while in the bike lane,
by a Moped!
I felt like some recreation cyclist,
getting passed by a time trialist,
without even an obnoxious

I was pissed!
You have a FUCKING plate.
YOU stay out of the bike lane!

But as the road inclined,
I started closing the gap.
now that's sad.
You should just get a bike.
If you're motor can't pull you to 20 mph,
forget it.

And then came that akward moment at the light.
So I snapped away,
as he just looked in the mirror.
Still on the right with bikes.
What really sucked was the upcoming incline,
and getting cock-blocked through the intersection.
I had to ride his tire for a block,
until the road leveled out,
and he could get to 20 mph.
By the end I could only laugh.
He was just fast enough that I couldn't
'ON YOUR LEFT' him within a block.
Next time.

1 comment:

Ethan said...

You know, I think if I were on a motor bike and riding in the bike lane, and a cyclist was gaining on me, I would crap my pants.