Thursday, April 16, 2009

one year

One year ago I did my first submission for a show.
Submitted five,
three were accepted.
The show was 'Dream Wheels'
The featured artist was Taliah Lempert.
Which was a big honor to be part of.

I sold one photo.
Shortly after I sold my car.
I pursued photography, taking my camera everywhere.
I also committed to commuting through out the winter.
I submitted to several more shows,
and was accepted in each one.
Always, there was at least one bicycle themed photo.
Now it's come full circle.
It's the Grand Tour show.
It's expected now to be all bicycle photos.

As always I did my submissions last minute,
a ton of changes.
What was planned,
never happened.
I've been working on hand colored over black & white photos.
Obviously it's still a work in progress.
Then, on the last day,
I changed everything.
People expected bicycles.
They get some abstract cycle culture,
but mostly it was skateboarding, boats,
and old school bmx.
It can't be predictable.

I just got my acceptance notice.
Five in this show, the max. allowed.
This will be a busy month,
a hectic summer,
and I think this year will fly by.
Before the frames are hung,
the next show is being planned.

And this blog has now reached a year,
and to think,
I really only signed onto blogger to comment on
And I only submitted some bike photos,
because I liked taking pictures of what I really liked,
on with the day.

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