Tuesday, April 14, 2009

where you come from

Jim C.,
if Mark Gonzales rode a bike,
it would look like this:

and he's in NY.
opened a shop, Sunday.
something I look forward to checking out each time I'm in Buffalo.
and runs his company,
Sunday! bikes, so now he's never caught hanging out in the shop.

and right around the corner is
Campus Wheelworks,
if the skate and 20 inch is something you can't relate to.

Swobo sold here! when do you ever see racks of Swobo?
Oh, I'm sure your shop always has it, plus some.
But for here in the pizza, beer, SUV state,
it's nice to see (and rare).

ok, here's some more... thanks YouTube!
Jim C. again.

and a little Matt Beringer..

now take that computer off your bike,
ride through puddles,
jump curbs,
don't train,
training is like homework,
it's not fun.
ride until you enjoy it,
then keep riding.

And don't take yourself so serious,
it's just a bike.

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