Thursday, April 30, 2009

screaming for change

"we have waited for quite a while for a plan,
let alone actual lanes (which is another debate).
i totally agree with marking the road
with a green bicycle outline and a PR campaign that
informs drivers AND cyclists the rights to the road/lane.
If Jennings ISN'T able to endorse THAT,
then maybe one of the other canidates for mayor WILL.
it's another topic for the meeting tonight,
there needs to be some strong arming done with city hall that's obvious.
since there's stimulus money being spent on illconcieved ideas already.
the police? that's another one for sure-
taking the lane is an approach alot of inexperienced cyclists
are not comfortable with it seems.
there are ALOT of people who would love to ride our streets and commute,
but don't feel safe.
especially with agressive drivers thinking cyclists by law
are supposed to be on the sidewalks.
maybe every cyclist should get some lane marking paint.
can we agree on a color & symbol?
of course i'm not advocating vandalism, i'm just sayin'.....
when & how's it gonna change?
what are you willing to do to make it happen?
i'm gonna lobby city hall,
buy some paint (maybe),
and take the lane.
and i'll be at the meeting tonight,
and i'll try to be at every possible bike event, all the time.
see YOU tonight!"

Yeah, I said it.
I'm really tired of all the talking heads.
Even if it's the yammering I agree with.
All I hear is talk.

...and when I quit smoking,
I thought,
"hell, I should be able to spend the money
I saved from not smoking on bike stuff..."
that hasn't happened.

and when my basement flooded
because the city can't clean the storm drains
I thought....
"well, I'll file a claim and they'll pay it".
NO, I paid for the water heater and dryer
and took the loss on ALL the stuff thrown out.

and because I ride my bike to work -
one less car in traffic,
one less vehicle creating waste,
I should get some respect for it,
All I want is a little respect!
how about just some respect.

My boss refers to me as Lance
and always has some half assed remark.
Some mom in a minivan is gonna make my
kids grow up without a father,
so she can get to the next red light
thirty seconds sooner....

And everyone wants a bike lane everywhere they go....

If you're not willing to roll up your sleeves,
and commit your so precious time,
then it must not be worth your time to comment on.
Or so you would think.
So when I go to the bicycle coalition meeting tonight,
will it be three people,
or fourteen?
or twentyfive people, each willing to take on one task,
for the purpose of making cycling better for many?
The cynical skeptic says...
I'll be there by myself.
The optomist hopes for twenty people with a desire to
change something, and take action.
But it's so easy to sit at home and complain online,
without a face,
or responsiblity.

Bike Month is every month.
Commuting is year round.
Cycling is almost as much fun as when you were ten,
just that life has gotten more serious.
Take off the computer and ENJOY the ride.
Ride in the rain.
Ride late at night,
in the snow.
You can't expect others to do,
what you will not commit to doing yourself.
Basically ....
action, not words.

off to the meeting,
to see how many people actually will 'DO',
versus 'expect'.

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