Friday, April 17, 2009

musical friday

a lazy Friday post,
just one of my favorite band(s).
Descendents or All.

then across the pond

a great song, just a bad copy.

and for something California:
Face to Face,
well written and never 'made it big'.

and always a favorite:
Bouncing Souls

and what set it in motion for me
Bad Religion:

each is a bookmark in my life.
All & Descendents pretty much mark any bad relationship,
they're good that way.
Face to Face was through the early 90's snowboarding,
and going to shows out west. Same with Snuff, and a million other bands.
Bad Religion was college for me. Discovering music that really made
you think. And opened the door for all the other bands I grew to love.
The Bouncing Souls are everyday, every album, East Coast,
even the kids sing 'here we go, here we go, here we gooooo...'.
They all still define and mark parts of my life.
When my dad died, it was NOFX's Death of John Smith that still
sticks with me. What you don't want to be and what you aspire
to become...

eh, sorry for a cut and paste YouTube post,
pretty lame I know,
but I've got a nasty cold,
a really nice day to ride
-to work, so I can look out the window until evening.
'life is like sacharin sweet and sour'
again music defines...

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