Thursday, October 2, 2008


it's really THAT simple. I never really gave it much
thought, I mean EVERY bike (geared) that I've had since
the 90's always had a computer. I really don't know why,
maybe just like you needed a cage, bottle and assorted
'add-on sales' gear. It's just always been there, to fill
that Cliff Claven need for useless facts. My average speed
to work is 15 mph, I hit 26mph down the first hill home.
Counting the miles added each day, for what?

My single speed doesn't have a computer, I just run errands
with it, do I need to add those miles to what I've
accumulated on my other? And it's really not a big life
changing awakening, I finally realized that I just want
to ride. It's really THAT simple, it's not to finish the

Removing the computer was the least expensive addition
to my cycling that brought the most happiness. There
shouldn't be such a thing as training or 'junk' miles.
Ride because it brings the same happiness as when you
were a little kid with a deck of cards and tape making
motorcycle sounds up and down the sidewalk, or making
jumps out of bricks and little pieces of wood. Ride
because it's not about saving the environment, but about
enjoying the ride home.


erik k said...

well done sir, welcome to the present. and not the "I've almost hit my weekly goal" Goals are overrated anyways and inevitably lead to disappointment. For me nothing beats raw unguided ambition. Never ridden with a computer never will.

Ethan said...

I wholeheartedly agree. Before I started commuting to work by bike, my mileage and average speed was important to me. It was a measurement of improvement. If I biked to the grocery store, I logged those miles. Because it mattered how many miles per day/week/month I rode. It was obsessive, and silly.

Then I started riding to work and the numbers stopped meaning anything. I still have my meter on my bike, and I reset it every morning. The only thing I can say in it's defense is that it's nice to be able to look down and say, oh, I'm twelve minutes in, but I don't even know why I need to know that. (Oh, and I've never had to replace the batteries.) I have some bike maintenance to do soon, so I think I'll remove my bike meter, too.

(And maybe get a bell, ha ha.)

bemme51 said...


had a smile on my face, while reading this post. I like that "keep it simple" - mood.

it´s bout the ridng itself. not...speed, distance, routes....

der.abkoemmling said...

This is exactly how I feel :).

Nice to find a confrere here.

Greetings from Germany!