Tuesday, February 17, 2009

not the beginning...

more the middle point.

Christian Hosoi - Raging Waters, SLC, UT. 1989 photo bob A.

First, I fully admit I'm an idiot slash dumbass.
I spend way too much time looking in the rearview mirror of life.

If I would have kept my favorite mountain bike.
If I didn't sell all my Park tools when I moved.
If I kept every skateboard I had through the 80's.
If I would have believed in myself, and fully pursued photography.

Even - If I would have properly stored all my old photos and
kept track of them through four moves. All I have now is a
box of random 'not the best' pictures.

The photo below is now twenty years old.
When I took it, I had no idea or care of the future.
It was spring break, and we were on a road trip,
and skating. Car loads of friends and trouble.

In the center are three friends who are on my Facebook.
One was the Best Man in our wedding.
Two survived a really bad accident.
One taught me alot, just by being a friend.
One inspires me, to the point of continually buying
Transworld Snowboarding for his photos, even though
it's been 4 or 5 years since I've ridden.

I could tie biking into this with something like:
I started out on a bike (BMX) and through skating and
snowboarding, I ended up back on a bike. And some
philosophical thought of life and circular themes.

But basically it's more like:

I REALLY wish I'd kept my tools, and of course.......
didn't sell: the hardtail with XTR, or the funky Hallbrink fork,
or Fleetwood cruiser with Nexus. And I can't search Ebay for them
'cause that's TOO addicting. That's how ridiculous collections

Spring has always brought alot of changes, especially
in the last few years. So this evolves into a life blog,
but hopefully interesting enough for you to stop by.

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