Tuesday, February 10, 2009

UAG 'Blue' show

Friday night was the beginning of the 'BLUE' show
at the UAG. Little Wednesday Addams and I went for
a cup of hot chocolate and a stroll.

A good turn out. New friends and contacts, and a
casual crowd. With one work sold on the last show,
this show underway, it's now time to focus on the
next show.

I still don't know where I stand with pricing.
It's not about making a living off of it.
It's about improving my work, and encouraging
others to buy it. But it always goes back to:
'Did it sell because it's the least expensive
work in the gallery?'
'Did they not buy it because of the percieved
value, and the price doesn't reflect it?'

Maybe the next show everything will be tripled.
.....if I get in. My t-shirt was probably the
best thing I provided for the guests.

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