Thursday, February 26, 2009

Volume (BMX) Cutter buildup

I totally forgot about this..
After FBM started making 'The Sword', word was Volume was
also on the BMX-but-also-fixed-gear program. Like a reverse
training wheels program to get bmx kids onto a more socially
(read: some girls dig it) acceptable type of bike riding.
Imagine my surprise when I stumbled in to get some cleaning
stuff for that nasty chain when I found this all built up.

For about five minutes I thought 'what can I unload so I can
make this mine?'. But there's no need for something that just
sits around collecting dust (my job).

This is sold as a frameset. As spec'd with the Velocity and
Origin 8, budget $750-800. I belive it's a Taiwan frameset,
steel, and of course solid. Hey, it even has a toptube gussett,
with the Volume logo cutout. The shop did a decent build, all
color spec'd (except the stem/headset). I expect to see some
bmx kid on this in the next couple weeks.

So I grabbed a couple pics, along with the degreaser and lube.
My stuff is SOOOOOOOOO nasty from the winter commutes, pulleys
won't even go backwards, just like crappy chain suck when you
backpedal. Guess that's the sign it's time to clean.

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