Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Febuary used to be

just another cold month, as I waited out the snow and ice,
until spring finally came. Until two years ago, when I got
home and found out my dad had died. I had passed on calling
him on Valentine's Day, I'm not much of a phone person, or
Holiday person at that. And we had only started to become
close in the last couple of years, we could relate through
being parents and that for the most part was it. As a dad,
I understood my own dad, but not before that.

There was ALOT of things left unsaid when I visited my dad
just a month before, things like I had found and made contact
with my birth mother. That I had a brother and sister out
there. And probably most importantly, a thanks for dealing
with a punk kid. Although we shared no common interests, he
allowed me to walk my own path, as off course as he may have
thought it was. Yeah, Valentine's Day sucks. Again, lessons
for me are usually learned in hindsight.

As I look at my kids, I just try to be the dad I thought I
needed. But as parents, don't we all do that?

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