Saturday, February 28, 2009

'Social Issues' show @ UAG March 6th!

Seriously struggling sometimes. I had nothing prepared, then after
a week of nonstop work, I had too much work to submit.

Then in my confused state of mind, almost missed the submission
date for the works to be juried. I sat in Buffalo with no internet
service wondering if I would actually make the selection. I even got
out of work to attend the opening night, and it seemed to all fall

In the end, it all worked out. Four works were accepted for the
'Social Issues' show opening this next Friday, March 6th! It took me
a minute, well a pen and paper, to figure out that this will be my
seventh show (sixth in a row) with a total of twentysix photos shown.
I really didn't want to miss a month, that was one of my basic goals
this year - get work into every show. I already screwed the other goal
(to loose five pounds a month going into the spring) by GAINING five
pounds this month.

*I'm not an 'athlete', I don't ride 'junk' miles, I don't like pain
and suffering - note my well worn couch. But it is ALMOST enough to
make me break out the trainer and start watching what I eat. But
that's for another time.

On a side note I was also asked by NYBC to photograph their meeting
with the Legislature this month, my first 'job', albeit a nonpaying

This last week became one of those fiftyfive hour weeks, and any
other time has been alot of reflecting on what I want to do, and
what I need to do in life. The ride to and from work usually
provides some inspiration for thought, but with too much thought
my bike may become the next ghost bike, and I tend to get carried
away in thought.

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