Thursday, February 5, 2009

life & bike love

With the constant sub-freezing temps. I continually
find myself thinking of the spring. I can't bring
myself to set up the trainer. Instead I toil away
in front of the computer, partially working my way
through lists, and more lists, with little motivation.
Other than it just needs to be done.

Despite all the storms I made it through the winter
commuting, well almost. Two more months and it should
be gone, hopefully. I just look forward to anything
above freezing - and I need to remember that when it
feels like the tropics this summer. Eventually all the
others that hibernate during the winter will be out
on the streets. The knobbies can get swapped out. The
rides to and from work can become more scenic. And
with that, hopefully more time to get out and shoot
without trying to plan rides according to sub zero
temps and exposure.

I would love to think that by selling the car and
commuting for almost a year would allow me to add
a bike to my collection. But I keep telling myself
that I really only need one. I built the perfect bike,
so why have another one laying around that doesn't
get used. This would also explain the decrease in
visits to the local shop.

The buckling down for the winter. The feeling of
riding out cold fronts and storms seems to have spilled
over into the economy and life in general. The uneasiness
and sense of not knowing what's around the corner.

"Yeah, it'll be in the 40's this weekend - lets ride!"

But I'm not sure what's happening this next week.
With the weather.
With my job.
With the economy.
With your job.

All we can do sometimes is just ride.

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