Sunday, May 3, 2009

what you said

that's how many showed up to the coalition meeting.

but that's more than three,
so I'l take that.
And a few that didn't make it,
did make it on tv.

The new "stimulating package"
the repair of a main road into (or away from) town.
But in this time of being green,
there's no provision for bicyclists,
and as far as I know,
not even signage.
So we're gonna spend a couple million,
to pave about two miles.
Same lack of a vision,
that we've had for years.

At least the news only covered the bike protest.
Same old government,
couldn't even get good press.
It's all about making the effort,
others will be there with you.

Such a good bike weekend,
with the art show,
and the weather.
Of course it all came to an end today.

Cars in the bike lane.
Getting buzzed
Getting cut off by sharp right turns in front of me,
if I can reach out and touch your car -
But the best was saved for last,
a left turn right in front of me,
so close I had to lock up the brakes.
As I yelled,
the old lady simply flipped me off and kept going.

It's gonna be a good year
for altercations.

At least the auto industry is sucking.
Sucking isn't even the word.
'Almost dead?'
God, that should have withered away years ago.
Good times ahead!

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