Friday, August 28, 2009

almost caught up...


I got back into town late Sunday.
A heavy rain storm didn't help at all.
Monday morning, up at the crack of dawn.
Dogs need to go out,
feed the animals,
get coffee brewing,
and get myself ready for work.

Jason had mentioned at the end of Sunday,
that Monday felt like a perfect time for a 'sick day'.
Unfortunately (or with my luck, usually) this was not an option.
Tuesday was a big meeting with the boss,
the boss's boss,
and the boss's boss's boss(?).
And Monday was the only day to get EVERYTHING done,
all the junk that wasn't finished the previous week,
which was another reason I didn't get on the road to Philly,
until Saturday at 8pm. Usual.
Monday was a long, long day.
Followed by an equally long Tuesday.

The cherry on my craptastic Tuesday?
At the wrap up of the meeting I say my goodbyes
and get ready to change for the ride home.
Since it's only six miles, and I've already endured the
crappy tights/lycra/cycling shorts/jersey/
comments..... I now rock a T, and my Swobo mancapris/knickers,
and usually top it off with some intentionally obnoxious
argyle socks. And the Sidis. Very NOT Lance.

So my boss turns to the BIG boss and starts in:
"you should see this guy, it's hilarious, he gets all
suited up like Lance Armstrong, looks like a scuba diver,
but with a big helmet, oh man, it's a sight! He rides every
day, rain or snow! Really! You should keep your eyes open
for him out in the parking lot, so you can see for yourself!"

Long akward silent moment,
the three of us in a narrow hallway,
all I can think is 'you fucktard',
I can't even watch The Office or Mad Men,
because I work with the worst boss,
yanked right out of the 70's.

The BIG boss wraps up this craptastic conversation
with a quick:
"That's GREAT! Very commendable to be healthy, and proactive
by commuting. I think it's great you do that! It was a pleasure
meeting you and thank you for your work."

Sweet, I'm outta here for the next two days!

So it's been a great week in other aspects.
The next show at the Gallery is a national juried show,
alot harder to get in.
And it's my twelfth show in a row, if I get selected.
I can submit up to five works,
usually two or three are accepted.
My 'normal' luck - I wouldn't make the show.
Instead all FIVE works were accepted - GREAT!
BUT! I still need to finish them,
and they're due this weekend!
So it's been a long night prepping for the show.

Dogs, better yet, PUPPIES!
Puppies are like other people's little kids,
if those kids were deaf,
and had just eaten a bag of sugar,
and chased it with a Mountain Dew.

So right now we're fostering two puppies,
and since they have very little bladder control,
or are still being house trained,
someone (me) gets to sleep on the couch
so they can go out,
at 2am,
or 4:30 am,

trying to steal my spot.

The other great parts of the week?
PSA test came back below a 1.0,
and winning the wheelset/pedals in Philly!
I have never, NEVER won ANYTHING!
on a dollar lottery ticket, I won two dollars.
So I went right back in, bought TWO dollar tickets,

another time,
in Bendover (Wendover, NV) I won about $40 in the nickel slots,
but that was after loosing who knows how much
in the previous years, and lets NOT count Vegas either.

So when Jen read my fundraising page,
I was just moved. Because that's really all I asked for.
For Christmas, my birthday, our anniversary.
Just donate, cause I firmly believe the two greatest
issues facing me will be cancer and bad drivers.
I just didn't know what to say...
I didn't say anything, which sucks.
I was so choked up. It just felt surreal.
Before I left to Philly,
I thought about all the stuff I could say to Elden,
when I finally met him, I think I said "Hi",
and gave him some stickers.
I'm sooooooo awesome.
But it wasn't a 'star struck' thing,
it was the sheer overwhelming feeling of loss,
of pain and struggles.

Once again,
I was able to stand upright
while putting both feet in my mouth -
a talent that has taken years to master.

I can also put both feet in my mouth,
while riding uphill,
it's awesome!
Stick around and you'll see it.

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....great post. Glad to hear you won the well as the craptastic conversation. What a week....a real two-fer...nice... tj