Friday, August 7, 2009

Thank you Fatty

Lessons are there to learn,
opportunities to improve.
FATTY, through all his struggles,
has shown me that there's more to being a father.
More than I thought constituted being a good father.
He has raised the bar,
to almost unbeliveable heights.

A while ago I lost the selfish me.
I learned what was truely the most important thing,
kids. My kids.
To teach them,
love them,
and support them.
To give them the tools to get through life.
That is my biggest priority.

There are those days,
nothing is going 'right',
my temper is short,
everything is a mess,
things are spilled,
the kids are not listening,
the animals are undoing everything,
the 'to-do' list gets longer,
and it ALL falls on me to make it right,
for this ONE day.
The one day dad is in charge.

For Elden it is EVERY day.

At that point of critical mass of chaos,
I realise,
my problems are minor,
the situation will change,
tomorrow is another day,
everything doesn't fall on me to 'make it right'.

So thank you Elden,
for raising the bar,
and defining what a great father and husband is.
We all have cycling heros.
But off the bike,
away from the computer,
thank you for being a hero dad.
Inspiring those of us that have no clue,
no idea what it is that we're 'supposed' to do.


mikeweb said...

Very well put, LoB

libertyonbikes! said...

thanks for stopping in!
nice to get bsnyc

I do have my sensitive side