Thursday, August 20, 2009

hitting the hills...

I rode out in the 'country' three times this last week,
and true to form (or bad luck)
I flatted twice,
I'm just going to buy a case of tubes now.

The hills are not bad by any means,
but I realise switching from weekend warrior,
to daily commuter,
you trade stamina for survival skills.
But I don't walk any hills still.

I did come across this MG,
which is the twin to my aunts',
but red on tan versus green on black,
maybe they can get 'hers' & 'hers'
and continue the climb

By day three it was a good cadence up the hills,
which is reaffirming,
until you flat before the top,

and this is always motivation to keep the pace,

there's rain in there.

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