Thursday, August 6, 2009

photo recap of today

food poisoning sucks,
stores selling funky food sucks,
spending two unproductive days on the couch
in the fetal position,
yeah that sucks
this is what I feel like,
and probably smell like

an uncleaned crapper at a bar,
after a long night.

lets add some pups,
with gas,
that constantly leave you looking for piles of poop.
just like babies, they're only cute when they sleep.

I didn't get any project work done either,
just blog & Facebook lurking,
which killed the rest of the energy I had after leaving the couch.
did I fix my brakes? no
clean the chain? no
load film in the camera? no
read a book? no

I did finally ride to the store,
to get the fixins for homemade salsa,
for the opening show at the gallery tomorrow,
looks like the idiots have returned for college,
three blocks into my ride I get
a left turn right into me,
locked up and skidding, jackass punk,
I need to master the one handed Ulock slap,

so my summer is now gone.

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