Friday, August 14, 2009

WTF? A new category

I finally realise,
with all the random crap in my life,
this is an overdue category.

that passed me,
It looked like a waiter,
in FULL TT tuck,
stole a time trial bike,
and someone was after him.
But there was no one else,
Suitpants flailing,
dress shirt and loafers with flat pedals,
what you miss from my delayed camera skills
is the aviator glasses and early 90's goatee.
As I rounded the corner,
I nearly clipped him,
as he must have missed his turn and was doubling back,
on the wrong side.

My thought? Waiter, still clinging to the hipness of the 90's,
finally hooks up with a cougar alone at last call,
they take cab to her place,
husband walks in,
waiter flees to the garage, finds husband's TT bike,
and sprints like there's free Soundgarden tickets for the winner.
At least that's what entertained me on the rest of the way to work.

This needs no explaination, well maybe it does.
I've never seen this on GWADZILLA.
But I don't wonder why,
sometimes it's not nice to point.

The 50% of me that's a juvenile punk wants to make fun,
the 30% of me will try it if there's enough beer invloved before hand,
the other 20%?
It took these pictures, and kept riding,
while the 50% kept laughing.

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