Tuesday, August 18, 2009

is there more to this?

do little boys 'just like' toy cars?
or is there more to it?
is it marketing at it's worst?
I fully admit I'm a recovering car-holic,
and it probably, no,
I KNOW it's been that way since I was little.
I never left the house without cramming as many cars
into my pockets as possible.

It's still a problem,
I spent a chunk of the day at the local hobby shop with the kids,
model rockets turned to remote controlled cars,
I also have a bad case of being 'upsold', by my own doing.
Next thing you know we're looking at $300 nitro powered RC cars?

Time to get to the bike shop,
new tire and a grip of tubes.

Made me think,
a couple years ago they made little toy bikes,
well they're back!
Now if you only had these to play with,
would you not be so addicted to cars when you grow up?
I just have to take them out for a good long bike ride.

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