Saturday, January 31, 2009

the witching hour...

The ride into work would normally be uneventful. Today it
justified 'the three foot passing law'. Nothing like getting
buzzed while well within a bike lane. And pushing studded
tires through snow, I'll never catch them at the next light.
I know the bad driver complaints are old, and something I'm
trying to eliminate, but the passive-aggresive honking from
someone turning into the university was almost too much.
If you really mean it, then honk well before you turn off.
That way I have a chance to stop and respond accordingly.
Anyways.... I was counting the last couple of blocks since
my toes were so frozen. I seem to discover a weak link in
my clothing selection with every temp drop. Today was no
exception, only it happened twice. Frozen toes to work...

Throughout the day I would see little snow flurries coming
and going. Everyone had some sort of remark for the guy that
rides to work. It's old. Like really bad background music.
As I suited up. Looking like a burnt version of the Stay Puff
marshmellow man, I rolled out just in time for the next wave
of snow. Maybe like a bad Northeastern version of surfing.

My other weak link in clothing you ask? Well you didn't, but I'll
tell you, not glasses, but goggles. I had to squint the whole
way home. It was great. Layered in snow. Plugging away with the
hum of the studded tires. A great thing when it actually WARMS UP
ENOUGH TO SNOW! This is one of those times that ties back to
being a kid. And as I got close to home I realized that I wasn't
the only one out here. I just hope their ride was as enjoyable.

Now what's the witching hour? Where do I tie it in? I didn't.
I didn't experience the witching hour, or the hour of SUCK.
That little window of time where I was riding to work on ice
then an hour later it was managable slush. But I avoided the
other hour when the sun goes down and that slush becomes
chunked ice. The hour never came, and my ride, as long and
snow covered as it was, made me feel almost guilty for taking
my time to get home.

So some lucky person waiting for me got to experience the other
'witching hour'. That hour around dinner time when little kids
go completely insane, throw tantrums, have meltdowns and finally
'bonk' right before dad walks through the door. I guess I avoided
two of them.

If you don't have kids, just laugh and dismiss it. You'll get yours
later. We laughed at the crazy mom describing 'the witching hour' too.


Jason Crane said...

I love these photos, man. Very, very impressive.

libertyonbikes! said...

thank you sir! missed you on the kiddie pick up,we'll have you guys over at somepoint!