Tuesday, January 27, 2009

work and idiots, hand in hand

people are idiots (in general).
I've come to accept this.
If you ride with that knowledge - that a driver WILL do
You'll probably live a little longer.

A year ago when Bush was still deniying a recession,
I was thinking,
"shit! it's gonna be like the depression era."
Time to start simplifying.

When Circuit City announced that it was closing doors,
there were no interested buyers, it became the topic of the
day. A couple of managers were gathered around talking
about the state of the economy and future reactions.

One exclaimed "well, it's retail. It's so easy to get a job!"

Wow! Are you really that clueless, or is that at a level of
plain stupidity? Really? Well, I guess maybe you could leave
your management position, and go work some random retail job.
But those positions have already been filled by other people
who have already lost thier jobs. Just plain stupid.

This last week was just weird. Secret faxes and phone calls.
Random secret discussions going on. Confidential packages
arriving. What the hell is going on? The lemmings that had
sense were worried. The others went about their business
like cows at a meat facory. It started on Monday, subtle
probing questions went unanswered. It finally hit on Friday.

Actually it leaked out online on Thursday. Eighteen percent
reduction, multiple closings, etc....

Nothing like living your day to day knowing there may be no
work tomorrow. Live it like that for a week. By the end I
could barely sleep. Everything was depressing.

On Friday two people left. A manager with two kids getting
ready for college. It's like watching someone fall out of
a lifeboat and drown. But because of that action, you now
get a spot in the boat. Suck. Unfortunately it goes by
seriority, not stupidity. So the manager with no clue about
the economy is still there as a reminder.

It's a cold year already. And 2009 will not be better. Quite
possibly 2010 will not be good either. It's going to be a long
bitter ride. I hope your job can't be eliminated, but it's a
good time to take a life inventory. I thought I was all good,
but now it's obvious there's still action to take. Good luck.

Now with the news that has been released in the last two days.
The writing isn't on the wall. It's a big f@cking billboard!
It's friends, family, and neighbors. People you ride with.
The other commuters you pass, or use to.

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