Saturday, January 31, 2009

Coalition turn out...

The other night was the local coalition meeting, and despite the
storm and cold, it was the largest turn out. We're in the process
of incorporating, and trying build the community. Strange to sit
around planning all the events for Bike Month (May) while it's so
cold. Almost triple the normal turnout, maybe everyone is just
going through withdrawls since the bike talk went way past the

Now I rack my brain on how to build the coalition into something
that CAN make changes. How do you build the scene? How do you
get people other than the weekend warrior group rider out on
the road? I guess that's what I have the next three months for.
All I know is your scene begins with you, but half the time I
can't decide to even ride Critical Mass.

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...check out my Mental Floss section...Seattle Bike Master Plan. Maybe you'll find something of interest in there. Seattle is committed to increasing the number of bicycle commuters by 3 times what it is currently...within the next 10 years. They're also creating special parking for bikes...sometimes taking parking away from cars to do so...