Tuesday, May 12, 2009

feet in mouth...

you get a link to a post,
and tucked in somewhere are those jerks,
the ones that get you all fired up,
the ones that would probably get punched
if they weren't hidding behind a computer.
of course somethings I just fall for,
and can't keep quiet on.....

"what a fresh reminder of why you should never read the comments section (DG & BL).


Taking the actions of a few idiots, or for the sake of being nice,
a few ‘not so educated in road rules & saftey’ and you simply apply them to all cyclists? The same could be done regarding drivers?
Your complaints make you out tobe the perfect driver, which I highly doubt.

Empathy. Simply put, if it were YOU on the side of the road, pedaling a bike. How would you want drivers to treat you?

Even better, to gauge driver carelessness and lack of concern:
Would you, as a parent, feel comfortable with your child riding their
bike along the side of a street (with a helmet, obeying ALL rules of the road)? Doubt it!

Statistically, for every bad cyclist in ______, there are over 200 agressive, hostile, uneducated (in road rules), or cell phone chatting
and texting driver that poses a potential death threat to cyclists,
runners (who run towards traffic to avoid such drivers, just so you know), and to even YOU, in your own car.

As a commuter, I follow most rules of the roads, but my arriving home
safely to my wife and three kids trumps those rules that put me in harms way (your bad driving). I have had drinks thrown at me, when one hit me in the head, I went right to the APD, and they wouldn’t do anything! I’ve had people cut me off, turn left in front of me and flip me off, buzz past me at 45 mph while I was IN A BIKE LANE (they crossed the line!). So it’s not that we’re on a pedestal claiming to be better. It’s that for your one bad cyclist, we deal with 4-10 close calls EACH DAY- and are pretty sick of it! One ignorant cyclist that might dent you precious car, or ten road rage drivers that could cause my kids to grow up without a father? So you can get home five minutes sooner? And your excuse? “well, who rides a bike in the street?”

roads were made for cars?
um, according to history, bikes were BEFORE cars?
it’s yielding RIGHT OF WAY,
and, I therefore yield to pedestrians.

Again, I learn my lesson, there’s always a jerk or idiot in the
comments section that gets you all fired up, see you two on the street."

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* I made up that 1/200 statistic, but it sounded good.
I only see a couple of cyclists, but deal with a ton of idiot drivers.

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