Thursday, May 7, 2009

VEER is almost here...

You need to go to UrbanVelo now!

My baby is one week away.........
when I thinkabout how many hours were spent,
to show 98 minutes of bike love to this city.....
Thank you UrbanVelo for the heaviest box of goodness
that the UPS guy has EVER delivered.

will there be fifty people?
or will I sell out both shows?
Will it be worth the effort?
Will people care?

This is what keeps me away from the computer,
except to check emails.
Along with the usual busy at work stuff,
and a backyard that's a disaster,
and every day I'm off work,
it rains.
And little man has his birthday tomorrow,
and there's family flying in today,
actually four hours to finish making this
house look like it's NOT overrun by dogs,
and kids,
and all things dirty!!!

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