Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This is how you fix it.

HERE is the solution.
Of course it's too obvious for America,
after it succeeds,
then ten years later someone here will 'discover' it.

I just finished having this discussion,
the auto industry and their lobbyists,
and the politicians that went along with them,
pretty much dismantled America.

Make more roads = sell more cars.
Dismantle public transportation = sell more cars.

The Suburbia Dream, well we now know how well that doesn't work.
Generic big box stores.
Planning without vision.
The need to drive EVERYWHERE!
You can not even get a gallon of milk,
or the newspaper,
without getting into your car,
and driving.


You can see the change in culture as you look at
what decades neighborhoods and homes were built.
It's obvious.

Up to the 30's and some 40's there was no carport/garage.
In the late 40's and 50's it was a single car garage,
and you'll notice narrow streets, and porches at the FRONT.
If you live in these houses,
you know your neighbors, for good or bad.

As America went to the 60's the emphasis was the car.
The 'American Dream'.
The new suburban dream.
Removed and sold woth no pratical benefit,
other than a 'class upgrade',
American literally ran from the cities.
No front porch, that was moved to the backyard.
Now alot of people don't even know who lives
across the street,
or even next door.
They get in the car,
drive to work (in the city).
Work all day in the building,
never venture out,
and then drive home.
And now you needed two cars or more.

With the greed of the 80's,
and the revival of status,
and furthering of class division,
that continued into the 2000's
with McMansions,
luxury SUVs,
more sprawl,
and more cars.

The auto industry,
and we as consumers with our poor purchasing behavior,
are to blame for this mess.
A car dependant society that refuses to make any changes,
even for our benefit.

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