Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Making an effort...

"So you ride a bike?"
That's all it took.

Seriously, three years this guy has been the 'window cleaner'.
No one knew his name, he would just come in, do the windows,
and then leave.
The other morning he was out front as I rode up.

"Yeah, it's hard to get time in for long rides,
so I just commute all the time, it's my time".
I replied.

He's kind of, no, he's really built, for a shorter guy.
When he talks I can make out an Eastern European accent,
but we're never had much of a conversation in those three
years. I just figured, we probably don't have alot in common.

"Back home I raced alot".
He continues,
"actually I was a Junior Champion when I was 17."
"My brothers, they all rode, that's as far as I got."
"You either rode a bike or played football (soccer)."
"I rode for as long as I could, then I became a powerlifter,"
"that's how I came to America, to compete as a world level
powerlifter, for championships, that was in the 90's."
"Now? I clean windows eh?"

Who the hell knew?
I did learn to take some time and talk to a person,
and now we talk a bit more. And have a new respect
for each other, and a common bond, love of the bike.

So I leave the lesson to talk to the person,
and find that common bond.
And I leave you some random images from the weekend.

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