Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Take a little time

to think of where I've been,
and who I've met......
with all the Facebook and blogs
and YouTube.
You come across so many things...

I met Lucky in the summer of '92.
PILGRIM had gotten me into the concert. At the time there was alot of unrest
in South Africa, and since this was pre-internet, I brought
along a stack of newspapers covering the riots and fighting.
I was able to spend some time with Lucky at the hotel after
the concert, and he appreciated the news since phones were
down in his hometown, and he didn't have any news since he was
on the road. How the internet has changed things.

That's how I found out Pilgrim had passed in October of 2003.
And how Lucky had been killed during a carjacking in October of 2007.
Maybe this post should be for October, but it's fresh on my mind now.

I just remember what a good show it was,
how personable and humble he was,
and that insane falsetto.
Just take a minute and play the video.
Then it sets in,
that he's one of the best reggae singers,
and you'll never get a chance to see him (again).
All for a car.

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