Friday, May 29, 2009

yeah! local bike shop...

it's a known fact I never get things done,
except to successfully collect lists
of things I should have done,
and haven't,

I only lube when my bike is as dry as a desert,
and the pulleys make that neglected 'squeek'.
And then it's only because my bike is trying
to embarrass me.
Calling me out as a bicycle abuser.

And so go the brakes.
Squeeling like a broke ass car.
After a week, I finally check it out,
only to realise there's metal on metal,
yeah, I'm a dumbass. Sorry rims.
Thank you LBS,
new pads installed in a minute,
tons more stopping power.
Which means SKIDS! Sorry tires,
I promise to buy some cheappies -
as to not wear you out, yet.

While cashing out I spotted these!
Because my basement looks like a jungle
with all the flatted tubes laying around.
And I keep saying I'll patch them,
well, I haven't patched a tube since
some time in the 90's - it just makes me
feel better than tossing ANOTHER tube away.

Now I can spend money, to make me feel like I'm being GREEN.
Sarcasm? Yes. But these are pretty well thought out,
except maybe coating the hooks, so you don't scratch
stuff up.
I'm to lazy to give you a link,
so here's a close up, now go google it for yourself.
$3.95, and you can be just a little bit smugger than the
guy next to you....

'you commute too?'
'yeah? well, do you recycle your tubes? thought not!'
'why don't you take up driving a car!'

Now I'm off shopping for pannier bags,
and a dorky rack.
Hopefully I won't be upsold into a recumbent and a mustache.

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