Wednesday, July 1, 2009

belive in

actually it should be called,
'back that shit up'.
I have some hankey shit,
I'm half-assed, never maintain anything.
brush it off, duct tape it and keep going.

So when my helmet retention broke,
I was bummed but didn't think anything else of it.
Yep! I taped it and kept going, whatever.
Yeah, I spent a decent amount on it,
and I wasn't gonna spend that again,
at least for a while.

So when Bert the recumbenter mentioned
my ill fitting helmet, it was a LITTLE embarrassing.
I mean, I worked at a shop for six years,
I should be able to fit a helmet,
but it's my helmet soooo.....
then I realised my crapped out straps.

So with five minutes, I googled Giro.
Called the Chicago office, hit warranty,
prepared some big imaginary story about
how much this helmet cost, AND
how pissed I was about it breaking, AND
how I'll never buy anything from them again.
CRAP! They just asked for the # in the helmet,
and my address, and it'ld be mailed ot tomorrow,
at no charge! SWEET!

SO long/short story:
GIRO rocks!
Did me proud.

1 comment:

theuffda said...

Giro is really good about that. I had the pads in my Pneumo come apart after a couple of years. I emailed or called them up and asked how to get replacement pads and they just sent them to me--no charge.