Saturday, July 18, 2009

Capital Hill Bikes, Rain, & Palin

Failing your dad responsibilities
I had the trail-a-bike all set for our DC
But I forgot the reducer for the mount
that hooks to MY seat post.
Someone was upset.
I needed a shop,
on a Friday evening...

Thank you Capital Hill Bikes.
They checked while I was on the phone,
checked online for the manufacturer specs,
then said 'come on in, we'll figure it out'.
Awesome, because the shop side already closed,
but the store was open for thirty minutes.

The shop guys still accomodated me.
I could order one & wait a couple days - not an option.
OR, if I didn't mind, they could cut something for me...
I have no problem paying more for something McGuyvered today.
The good music was on, the beers were out,
and the closing clean up was in progress,
ten minutes later dad was now a hero...
Thanks CHB!

Only to walk outside to a total downpour.
The kind that leaves trash floating down the street.
People scurrying under awnings,
leaving meals and drinks on the cafe tables.

This trip,
DC was more like a flat Seattle,
where if you didn't like the weather,
just wait fifteen minutes.

DC used to be humid.
REALLY humid.
With no breeze.

This year it was cool,
and not humid at all.
While back at home it was torential rain showers.
The type we have in May, not July.
The weather is all screwed up,
but for the trip to DC it worked in our favor.
I'll take a little burst
over days of nasty choking humidity.

Palin says global warming ISN'T due to man,
I suppose all the crap put out since the Industrial Revolution
hasn't contaminated the world at all.
She obviously knows more than most scientists.
I also suppose pissing into your drinking supply
won't eventually cause some kind of illness.
It's all good. It's only about the NOW, and the money,

Giving America another chance to fall on it's face.

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