Monday, July 13, 2009

day one, still?

why does it take two days to cover one?
I don't know.

Cape May, NJ. is beautiful,
and it's where I wanted to finish my vacation after being in DC.
So we headed out to the ferry,
It defies logic how that thing floats
when a semi with a trailer and a tour bus pull in next to you,
Halfway across the bay we hit fog.

The fog rolled into Rehoboth,
which we took a quick drive through, I had no interest in staying.
We were hours from DC,and I just wanted to get there.
Just had to get across Delaware,

which is just like Nebraska, but it's not Nebraska,
so that makes it just a little better.
But that DE. drive SUCKS,
To get a better idea,
just stare at the next picture for an hour or two....

There! You've driven across Delaware, check it off of your list...
On to DC!

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