Wednesday, July 1, 2009

just look away

I have more lists than motivation.
that sums up my life.

I have great intentions and aspirations,
but I usually fall short.
So here we go again.

It's the grocery-store-checkout-snob.
Maybe there's a blog that she writes...

anyways, the prelude is:
I rarely eat meat, especially red meat.
ususally it's chicken, seafood and GRILLERS!
Love those grillers! And I won't force my kids to
be vegetarians - they can make their own life decisions.
That said, when I'm at the grocery store,
there's some junky shit in my cart at times.

And yes, I should be a better person and show up with
my nifty canvas tote with earth saving slogans on it.
But that's assuming too much on my planning ability.
So to gety the nasty eye from someone
checking out in front of me?
And then to whip out the tote while giving the
stink eye and 'No! I have my own bag!'
like some passive-aggresive scolding?
oh, you kill me lady,

so how's your recycling?
(not our cans - it's from work- so they would've been tossed)

or your yard?
do you really need a gas mower?
or landscapped with recycled/reclaimed cement?

but first,
how did you get here?
or to there?

let's play the 'who's vehicle is healthier game'.
most of all, if you were that concious of your actions,
why weren't you at the Co-op, buying local produce?
probably going to take me out with the Subaru.

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