Thursday, July 30, 2009


Simply put,
I heart Spike Jonze.
Like a newbie roadie loves Lance,
but more.
But not just the director Spike,
ever since the mid eighties when BMX Action
gave birth to Freestylin'.

He's a nerdy & dirty BMX kid,
with a really good eye,
and what ever he touches becomes gold.

Beastie Boys videos.
His short lived colabo. magazine with Sassy called 'Dirt',
Club Homeboy? Awesome!

most of the magazines I sold on ebay a while ago.
There were boxes of them,
some sold for $5, others for $40 each.
Bought my bike,
bought my camera,
family took a vacation,
there's alot less clutter now.

You need to own this DVD though!
All the great Spike music videos.
Stuff you never knew he directed.

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