Friday, July 24, 2009

photo friends

My love for local owned business is known.
But even more important is the PEOPLE
that make that business so well loved.
My local new stop-in Stuyvesant Photo.

Pete set me up with this fun-ness to try in DC.
A Holga medium format,
Think plastic Fisher-Price 'My First Camera'.
Leaks light,
no adjustments,
you never know what you'll get.

Well it's film,
so there's no delete,
just pay up for the processing,
and hope.

Three rolls netted six good photos.
Hopefully this ratio will improve.
I now feel more comfortable with medium format,
so it'll be time to break out the Kiev88 that's been waiting.

It's the bike equivelant of an 80's lugged steel,
Campy record equipped bike. Classic in the simplest form.

The other great thing while picking up my photos,
thirty minutes of coffee roasting talk.
I assumed the local food co-op had beans,
but now I know,
and the coffee shop right around the corner,
fresh roast in house every week.
I'm gonna check this out.
Satisfy that coffee snob lurking in me.

Thanks Stuyvesant Photo.
Hopefully Nikon will be stocked soon?

1 comment:

erik k said...

mmmm... medium format so tasty. sounds like fun, my suggestion is try shooting a whole role on a tripod. You'll have to really think about all your shots, and no matter what the pic quality will be clear as long as its focused... as for proper exposures. good luck