Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Good Morning DC!

As were rolled into DC we were met with a torrential
rain storm, missed exits, and twelve hours on the road.
So this is the only documentation of the debacle of our

Uncle Bob Had sold the house in Vienna,
which is where we've stayed previously,
and our DC interaction has always been the
brief tourist sort. Now we're minutes walk from the Mall,
right by the seafood market and harbor,
and right on the waterfront.
Waking up to boat horns and helicopters over the river.
Three balconies, and the view, I'm spoiled!

With four days in DC ahead of us,
we grabbed the bikes,
and headed out for a day doing those touristy things.
What was especially nice was being carfree!
The van was parked in a garage, and wouldn't see us
until the morning we packed up to leave.
The feeling of being able to get anywhere by bike or foot,
liberating, empowering, and stress free!

GWADZILLA is my daily check in for DC. Somehow I keep thinking
he'll come across Uncle Bob rolling around. And I'm just amazed by the
amount of cyclists that seem to be in DC. So this trip HAD to be good,
I was on bike!
I also let GWADZ know we'ld be in town.
Maybe we'll cross paths? Or maybe he'll be elusive.
I've joked several times that maybe I'll just show up in a picture
on his blog, and you know I'll comment that photo to death,
then let him know it's me. So DC holds some potential,
potential for ALOT of fun.

So it's off to the Mall,
which isn't a Mall of the consumer type,
but gathering sort,
ahhh hell, you don't care
they just call it the Mall.